• Tymme Reitz

Breaking The Rules For Love

The exchanging of Christmas gifts can be somewhat stressful if you abide to the unspoken protocol in our culture. For example, if someone unexpectedly gives you a gift and in return, you do not have one for him or her, it can lead to a very awkward moment. Somehow, you were supposed to “read their mind” and know that they were going to buy something for you.

Maybe you experienced a situation where you found out a friend had held nothing back and ended up spending big money on your Christmas gift, and all you got that person was an ordinary, novelty coffee mug.

We do not like that feeling when someone “breaks the rules.” How dare they give a superior gift to you without proper notification! We want our gift swap to be an even exchange. We prefer to build a leveled playing field so that no one wins and no one loses. If your expression of “love” through your gift is equal to mine, we can now avoid “gift-guilt” and live in harmony.

If you are expecting the same set of rules in the Kingdom when it pertains to giving and receiving love, you are in for a shocker. God colors outside of our cultural lines and He began this with His love for us.

...Christ proved God’s passionate love for us by dying in our place while we were still lost and ungodly! (Romans 5:8 TPT)

God did not wait for us to clean up our messy lives before He sent Christ to die in our place. Instead, God sent us a big I LOVE YOU and sent His very best gift, while we were still lost, living on our own terms, and not having had the chance to earn His bestowal (which we could never do anyway).

This is a prime example of what divine love looks like. It is not of this earth. This love gives all, at the risk of getting nothing in exchange; because real love is not a transaction it is a reaction.

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