• Tymme Reitz

Built To Last!!!

The temptation in the waiting is to see the challenges as something preventing us from our calling—when in reality; the challenges propel us towards our calling. As long as we have a firm foundation keeping us steady in the storm, we will just keep getting bigger and better. On the opposite end, when we do not have a firm foundation, we live on a downslope and eventually get worse rather than better.

I once had to confront a friend who served in several key areas of the church. Although he was seasoned in the work of ministry, he had several episodes of outburst and his immaturity was only escalating. When we sat down to resolve these issues and to find healing and freedom, the one thing he articulated as a justification to his behavior was, “I have been doing ministry and church for a long time and that is why I am like this.” That statement summed up his internal philosophy: The longer we serve the Lord, the worse we will all eventually become. He believed his actions were perfectly acceptable because the typical tendency for a Christian is to migrate to a bitter, impatient, and passive state along the way. My rebuttal was that the longer we are with Him, the better we should become. I believe being properly exposed to Jesus on a well-maintained foundation increases our zeal and zest for the Kingdom. We are more joyful and jubilant, loving and compassionate; and yes, we are more patient and content. I understand we will have days where the dynamics of spiritual warfare is intense, and we feel weak and uninspired. But we will always rise and return to the “better” us and recover our joy when our foundation is built on Christ.

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