• Tymme Reitz

Character Happens!

“Those with good character walk on a smooth path, with no detour or deviation.” (Proverbs 11:5 TPT)

Character seems to keep the path before us less bumpy, with fewer obstacles and detours. That is to imply that when character is cultivated, we accelerate. We move out of the waiting at a faster pace.

From a Biblical standpoint, good character can be defined as the godly nature and virtues that are distinctive to an individual. As a caution, do not get character mixed up with what we call personality. The word personality comes from the word persona, which was originally used to describe an actor’s role in ancient Greek theatrical plays. Today, personality is the side of us we want the world to see; the outward, social image we display to others. Character goes beyond that. It originates from a Greek verb that means to engrave. Character is the nature of the inner being that is engraved in our heart. It is who you are, not just in action, but also in motives. Many people can find a reason to do a moral act that everyone will visibly see, but that does not necessarily mean they have built within them godly character. The motive that is engraved in their heart is what measures the character. I like what some Christian leaders have said over the years: “Character is who you are when no one is looking.”

When God prepares you for a promise, He will test your character. He does not test your anointing. He does not test your gift. He will test your character and do it over and over to gauge your readiness.

Tests are a part of life. To receive a promotion, to acquire a degree, to act in a play, or to drive a vehicle on the road, you must be tested. If the world knows the evolution to any forward movement requires testing, how much more should we know as citizens of Heaven? We represent a greater Kingdom and carry a greater responsibility. In preparation for a Kingdom mission, even Jesus—as perfect as He was—needed to be tested.

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