• Tymme Reitz

Follow Me!

The apostles of old believed that Jesus would return any day. They believed the promise was for them during that era and eagerly anticipated His appearance. However, whether or not this would happen, their allegiance was to follow Jesus. On the heavier side of their journey, when persecution had caused them to be bound in chains, I’m sure they functioned in faith to believe God would free them and the length of their captivity did not intrude with their devotion to follow Him. Whatever happened in their lives, good or not so good, they followed Jesus. Concluding that our first commitment should always be to Him and not the promise!

In Acts chapter 21, Paul receives a prophecy saying he would be bound and handed over to non-Jews in Jerusalem. The close companions of Paul, in reaction to fear, anxiously attempted to persuade him not to go near Jerusalem. Paul replied:

“Why do you cry and break my heart with your tears? Don’t you know that I’m prepared not only to be imprisoned but to die in Jerusalem for the sake of the wonder of the name of our Lord Jesus?” (Acts 21:12 TPT)

How many of us would have the same “bring it on” bravado? How many of us would be ready to take on whatever unknown situation awaits us in order to follow the instructions of Jesus? I am not saying we should search for trouble, but I love the attitude and example Paul has left us.

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