• Tymme Reitz

Jesus The Rebel

The elite religious leaders found Jesus to be an annoyance rather than the answer the world has been waiting for. Jesus had disrupted their man-inspired social order like no other Jewish citizen had ever done before, and they began to feel like there was nothing left to do but take Him out (religious mafia style).

Jesus was rightfully recognized as a rebel. He was a revolutionist known as the Rabbi with the third-way, because His teachings of the Kingdom completely contradicted the established cultural norms.

For instance, Jesus had no problem violating the social stratum when He publicly sat at a table (which was a gesture of friendship) to eat and engage with notorious sinners. He did this during a time where those who were considered “righteous” would have no dealings, whatsoever, with those “types of people.”

You can sense the tension building as the religious faces that looked down upon this crowd made it clear how they felt about Jesus and His supposedly scandalous acts of defiance. They said: “Look at how this man associates with all these notorious sinners and welcomes them all to come to him!” (Luke 15:2 NLT)

Jesus began to gain a reputation of someone who is a friend of sinners. He refused to follow the mainstream model that listed who should be accepted and who should be rejected “in the eyes of God.”

Jesus was there to set the record straight! He wanted to let the world know that God loves people, and that every nation, ethnicity, language, gender, and people-group was welcome to come to Him.

When you explore the gospel writings in the New Testament, you will come across many moments where Jesus purposely crossed the line. He chose to embrace the outcasts and the despised with love.

What if we rebelled against anything that violated God's love touching every being on earth? Jesus did!!!


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