• Tymme Reitz

Oppressed or Empowered

"Now there arose a new king over Egypt…And he said to his people, “Look, the people of the children of Israel are MORE and MIGHTIER than we...and they were in dread of the children of Israel. So the Egyptians made the children of Israel serve with rigor. And they made their lives BITTER with hard BONDAGE…" (Exodus 1:8-9,13-14 NKJV)

Egypt was in a panic! They were anxiously alarmed by the frightening fact that Israel had the ability to conquer and control their prestigious empire. With that threat overshadowing their monarchy, the king of Egypt devised a plan that has worked throughout the human race, and that is: if you are able to oppress the people, you will be able to control the people.

We become what we believe about ourselves. There are thousands of stories, (some that I know personally) where a spouse or some sort of authority figure has mentally oppressed someone to the point where that someone lived their life subordinate to those false beliefs. I’ve also witnessed people who have walked away from those abusive situations, only to end up in a positive, empowering environment that led them to discover what they were not able to do under the bondage of lies. Some of these people were women who were told constantly that they are idiotic and incapable of accomplishing much, only to later find the truth that they can do anything through Jesus Christ. Consequently, these women have become radiant daughters, loving mothers, community leaders, successful entrepreneurs, revivalists, and mighty ministers that are impacting countless lives.

2019 is your time to breakout of every oppressive bondage that has limited you and truly live to the capacity that the Lord is raising you up to be!!!

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