• Tymme Reitz

The Timing of a Test

In all honesty, it would be nice to be tested when we are at our best, but it does not seem to work that way when it pertains to Kingdom training. In the case of Jesus, the Bible says He was extremely weak and famished when He was under the test in the wilderness. I’m sure His human side would have preferred to be at His full strength mentally, physically, and spiritually, before facing the foe that wanted to devour Him.

Nobody would want to show up physically ill, mentally overwhelmed with problems, and unprepared for the most important job interview of their career. Who would want to be tested in a physical obstacle challenge with a twisted ankle and a pounding headache? We all want to be at our very best when we are tested, but that request is not always fulfilled. In fact, it often seems like when we are down to our last few dollars, and our car is on the fritz, and the people closest to us are creating a mess, God says, “It is time to test your character.” I am not complaining, but if Heaven had a suggestion box, the testing times might be something I would petition.

In the waiting, our character must be tested, or the promise will hurt us more than helps us.

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