In The Waiting: Moving from Process To Promise

In The Waiting: Moving from Process To Promise

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  • Book Description

    In The Waiting is a book written to assure every believer that God has a purpose behind our patience. In fact, everything that God desires you to be takes shape in the seasons of waiting, and it can be considered one of the most vital times in your faith-walk. 

              Everyone waits but not everyone endures! How can we possibly finish our race strong if we are weakened in the process? In The Waiting was meant to reach a generation that hates to wait and dreads the very thing they need for spiritual growth. Each chapter awakens the right perspective of these inevitable seasons with a fresh and inspiring, biblical outlook. The goal is to cause the reader to respect rather than resent the process, which is the very thing that paves the way for the promises of God.

  • Endorsements

    “Tymme shares like a father, helping you understand spiritual transition and how to embrace your growth, so that you can actually see fulfillment in the promises of God.” 

    —Shawn Bolz

    Author of Translating God and God Secret's 


    “We have lost the valuable, character building qualities that are established in us only through the waiting process…I love this book” 

    —Dr. Patricia King

    Founder of Patricia King Ministries


    “Tymme will help you navigate the liminal space in your life in a way that lifts your head higher than the circumstance.” 

    —Shane Willard

    Shane Willard Ministries


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    Format: Paperback (B/W)

    Pages: 162

    Size: 5.5 x 8.5

    ISBN: 9781973643692